The last week has been quite a busy week. The committee talked with lecturers about possible excursions for the empty time slots and many participants enrolled for the study trip. We're proud to announce the subscription mark has been hit and we have already 22 of the 30 participants. This means only eight spots are left, so be quick, because the subscriptions close next Monday, at July 1st. You can enroll by filling in a form at the Thor Room (PT 2.24). Asking questions is also possible at the Thor Room.

For the ones interested, we have included a provisional travel schedule:

As you can see, many excursions have not been confirmed yet, but we are confident we can arrange them in time, because we acquinted good contacts for these excursions.

Wednesday August 28th

Departure Eindhoven – Arrival Bochum

Company Visit: Brunel (confirmed)
Company Visit: Continental

Departure Bonn – Arrival Frankfurt am Main

Thursday August 29th

Free program in the morning.

Departure Frankfurt am Main – Arrival Würzburg

Company Visit: Brose (confirmed)

Departure Wurzburg – Arrival Stuttgart

Friday August 30 th

Company Visit: Omron (confirmed)
Company Visit: Porsche

Saturday August 31st

                Museum Tour: Mercedes Museum

Sunday September 1st

Departure Stuttgart – Arrival Eindhoven


We will keep you posted!


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